Financial Crimes in Springfield

Knowledgeable Financial Crimes Defense Attorney Protecting the Rights of Fairfax County Residents

As a former police officer and prosecutor, criminal defense attorney B.R. Hicks understands every element of a financial crime allegation. From shoplifting and credit card fraud to money laundering, insider trading, and tax evasion, white-collar crimes can have serious implications for your reputation and future if they are not handled by an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Over the last four decades, attorney B.R. Hicks has established himself as a trusted and respected lawyer. Call his Fairfax County office to learn more about how he can help you fight back against the financial crime charges you are facing.

Decades Of Experience Working To Your Advantage In Virginia Courts

If you have been charged with a financial crime, your case must be taken very seriously to avoid astronomical fines, a prison sentence, probation, and restitution. Do not leave your future to chance—contact an experienced lawyer to ensure that your rights are upheld.

Mr. Hicks handles financial crime allegations at both the state and federal level, including:

  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud — health care, mortgage, securities, wire, mail, credit card, and many others
  • Tax evasion
  • Insider trading
  • RICO violations
  • Racketeering

Poor representation could result in a felony conviction for you. That is a risk you cannot afford to take. B.R. Hicks will aggressively fight for your freedom and work hard to help you avoid life-changing penalties.

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If you live in Springfield, Fairfax County or anywhere in Northern Virginia and are facing financial crimes charges, you need reliable and effective criminal defense attorney services right away. Call B.R. Hicks. at 703-354-4000 to arrange a free consultation.