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The Financial Impacts of Being a Registered Sex Offender

Formally registering as a sex offender means all sorts of financial and occupational difficulties. You could end up living in a bad neighborhood with a really low-paying job. A good criminal defense attorney can help represent you to potentially avoid this result.

Criminal Law

Common Defense Strategies for Sex Crimes

There are a variety of circumstances in which sex crime charges can be dismissed or fought against in court. A good criminal defense attorney will understand how to go about this and offer your best path to a possible favorable verdict.


How a Criminal Defense Attorney Gathers Evidence for a DUI Case

Hiring a qualified Virginia criminal defense attorney is key when working through the evidentiary process. There are a number of different circumstances and evidence-gathering protocols to follow to ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Criminal Law

What Happens When You Register as a Sex Offender in Virginia?

A variety of things happen when someone formally registers as a sex offender in Virginia. The state police will make unannounced visits, a number of effects can happen regarding employment and finances and removal is very difficult. A good criminal defense attorney can help represent you to potentially avoid this result.

Criminal Law

Which Convictions Require Sex Offender Registration in Virginia?

Virginia has a range of crimes that require sex offender registry. Once conviction of these crimes occur, the person convicted will be classified under one of three sex offender tiers based on the severity and nature of his or her crime.


Enhanced Penalties Added to Virginia DUI Charges

Virginia recognizes a number of enhancements to DUI charges in the state. These can range from driving with a child in the car to property damage and additional considerations under “zero tolerance” if the driver is under 21 years of age.

Criminal Law

Why It’s Important to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in a Sex Crime Case

It’s important to hire a criminal defense attorney if you’re facing any type of sex crime charge. A good attorney will know court procedure, how district attorneys operate and can put together a roadmap working towards your best outcome.

Criminal Law

An Overview of Virginia’s Rape and Sexual Battery Laws

Virginia has specific definitions for what constitutes rape, aggravated sexual battery and sexual battery. These sex crimes are very serious and carry equally serious penalties and fines. It is vital to have an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are facing one of these charges.


A Primer on Virginia’s Points System

Virginia has a points-based driving system that docks points for those convicted of driving-related offenses. DUI is a six-point deduction while a surprising number of offenses count for three and four-point deductions as well.


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