Why It’s Important to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in a Sex Crime Case

Why It’s Important to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in a Sex Crime Case

Facing a sex crime charge in Virginia can be scary, overwhelming, and stressful. Considering the seriousness with which the state prosecutes rape, aggravated sexual battery, abduction, child pornography, and a variety of other charges, hiring the right criminal defense attorney can go a long way towards helping you build a viable case. The following outlines a few reasons why it’s worth the time and expense of hiring a knowledgeable and professional sex crimes criminal defense attorney.

Direct Experience with the Accusations

If you’ve found the right criminal defense attorney, he or she should have direct experience defending those accused of sex crimes. He or she will know the ins and outs of modern criminal law and potentially past precedent that could shed some light on how the state could try to convict you of the charges you’re facing. (During the initial consultation with your attorney, it’s perfectly reasonable to ask about prior experience handling sex crimes)

A Local Perspective

Courthouse procedure varies even within the same city and certainly differs based on the jurisdiction. District Attorneys in different jurisdictions can take wildly different approaches to prosecution and that’s something a good criminal defense attorney will know. The defense attorney’s personal relationships could go a long way towards getting you a better deal as well.

Gathering Relevant Information and Producing Your Case

A criminal defense attorney will interview all of the pertinent witnesses in a case and gather all of the necessary documentation on your behalf to get a well-rounded look at your case. Using that knowledge and his or her past experience, they’ll be able to put together a roadmap towards your potential best outcome whether that be taking the case to trial or negotiating a deal with the state.


There are a variety of other reasons why it’s important to hire a criminal defense attorney in a sex crime case, especially in Virginia. B.R. Hicks P.C. has 40 years of experience on both sides of the criminal justice system and is an expert in defending those accused of serious crimes. Call (703) 354-4000 to learn more and schedule a free consultation.