Which Convictions Require Sex Offender Registration in Virginia?

Virginia law outlines a number of different convictions that require those found guilty of these crimes to register as a sex offender. Code of Virginia 9.1-902 is the statute where the full list can be found, but the range of crimes includes some of the more common serious offenses, including:

  • Murder (if the victim is between 0-18 years of age and the murder is related to the section’s broader list)
  • Any Tier I, II, or III offense committed in Virginia, another American jurisdiction, or a foreign country

What are the Tiers of Crime in Virginia?

Tier I is the most serious including crimes such as murder, Tier II is less serious (crimes with carnal knowledge of the victim’s age), Tier III is the least serious of this range (possession of child pornography being one example).

How Are Sex Offenders Classified in Virginia?

Again, there are three tiers of sex offenders recognized by the state:

  • Tier I: The least serious level of offender requires being on the registry for 15 years with the possibility of removal after 10 years.
  • Tier II: A more serious level defined for those whose conviction requires imprisonment for more than a year. The crime would be something such as sex trafficking, minor in a sexual performance or the offender is already classified in Tier I.
  • Tier III: This most serious level involves all crimes from the two prior tiers along with other elevated stipulations.


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