Common Defense Strategies for Sex Crimes

If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, putting up a defense to the charges can seem like a hopeless endeavor. The statutes are strict, and proceedings are typically tilted in favor of the prosecution. It’s certainly something that should not be taken on alone, and a qualified criminal defense attorney can help you with these strategies to potentially reach a favorable verdict.

Looking at the Source of the Accusations

In some cases, the accuser’s motives or credibility are vital to the strength of the prosecution’s case. A defense attorney will look into the accuser’s history and determine if there are any weaknesses or issues in his or her credibility. Additionally, the relationship between the accuser and defendant is highly relevant, as that could bring up questions of how the accuser could benefit from the accused’s conviction.

The Challenge of Child Witnesses

Children are an especially complex evidentiary source. If a child must testify for the validity of either side, great care must be taken to protect the child’s best interests. Children are also among the easiest witnesses to be influenced by parents, social workers, and others that could suggest reliability issues.

Questioning Every Piece of Evidence and the Process

In order for evidence to be admissible at trial, it must have been collected in a legal and appropriate manner. Warrantless searches and other unlawful collections should be called into question at pre-trial hearings and thrown out if they were not done in the right way.

Challenging Forensic Evidence

Any issues with the collection, analysis, or storage of DNA material that’s pertinent to the case could be grounds for an evidence suppression hearing or even dismissal, depending on the severity of the error.

Digital evidence is even more easily manipulated, so those materials must be scrutinized as well.


Even when facing the direst sex crimes charges, there are still potential options to mount a lawful and aggressive defense. The process begins with a knowledgeable and trusted Virginia criminal defense attorney. Call B.R. Hicks, P.C. today at (703) 354-4000 to schedule a free consultation.